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Our Story

Sensei Catia came to Australia in 2011 with a passion for teaching judo as well a strong desire to learn English and create a life in Australia, with very little, to no English to her name.

She started teaching judo in Australia in 2012 whilst simultaneously volunteering in a number of different clubs.

Throughout her journey she began to solidify her long-held dream of one day starting her own dojo and sharing Judo in her own unique style, honouring all those who helped her to appreciate this wonderful sport that gave her so many experiences and lessons in life.

AIJ was founded in 2015 in Welshpool with a small core group of students and it was their passion, interest, and dedication to learn that inspired Sensei Catia to open a permanent dojo for her students to call home. 

Since that time, we have moved from strength to strength, building our community, our team, and helping a number of students achieve both State and National championship titles.

We always support all those who come to train with us, and do our best to have fun as we continue to grow.

We encourage you to come and share in this journey with us!

With love and respect,
The AIJ team.


A very good environment to learn about martial art and do exercise. Very family oriented, patient but firm and fair instructors. Just a great place for kids and adults to learn judo.


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